City Farms
grown so close you can taste it

With our Upfarms we want to provide fresh herbs and leafy vegetables in a better and healthier way to people in the city who are looking for high-quality and healthy produce in their favourite dishes and drinks.


We do this by striving for a way of growing where you can eat your leafy vegetables on the same day as the day they are harvested.

Take a look at our tasty produce

Exotic flavours

We offer a wide range of herbs. Some varieties will certainly sound familiar to you, but we really want to surprise you with other varieties. From now on we can also grow varieties that are difficult to grow locally, because we can adjust the climate and nutrition to even the most exotic flavors.

Grown locally

This way we guarantee that our herbs are still full of vitamins and antioxidants with the purest taste that nature has to offer.

In addition, we eliminate the need for transport and dangerous pesticides, which in turn benefits our planet.

Maximum Taste, Minimal Impact

Taking care of nature,
you taste it!











Plug & Grow Teeltkas

Our vertical cultivation cabinets are truly unique. You can place them in any location and start growing immediately. Moreover, everything is coordinated in such a way that the plants can grow in the perfect conditions, resulting in an incredible taste sensation in your favorite dishes and drinks.

The added value of herbs grown in the Upfarm

Full of vitamins & antioxidants

By picking herbs only when you need them, you guarantee the highest possible level of antioxidants and vitamins.

No waste

Because we grow locally, we can continue to grow in the store and we don’t have to throw anything away. It is also not necessary to provide all that unnecessary packaging during transport.


By providing the most optimal growing conditions, no pesticides are required, so our herbs are immediately ready for safe use.

Our locations

Let's get started at your location!​

Our Upfarm allows you to grow what you want, where you want and how you want. In addition, our grow cabinets are also a visual gem, intuitive to use and easy to install at any location. Curious about what an Upfarm can do at your location, check out whether you qualify for a pilot project!

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